Sun Q cover

Sun Q

released September 2004
on Sonic Boom Recordings

out of print | digital


The original pressing featured a custom designed and hand assembled package. Art by Chuck Dong. Created by thingmakers.

track listing

1 under the cherry blossom
2 the 9th line
3 dirty boy
4 hamachi
5 crazy
6 dr. caligari
7 loving you
8 sun Q
9 puka
10 a pile of cherries

album credit

All songs written by Kento and Michiko except track 3 by Kento Michiko and Brian Weber and track 7 by Riperton/Rudolph. Produced by IQU, recorded by IQU and Brian Weber, mixed by Tony Lash at Mandible Stuio, Portland, OR. Mastered by Rick Fisher at RFI Mastering, Seattle, WA.


Kento: beats, guitars, theremin, turntable, vocals, organ, rhodes piano, melobar, and string arrangements
Michiko: synths, organ, vocals, beats, field recordings
Brian Weber on tracks 3, 5, 8: rhodes piano, wurlitzer piano, clavinet, cabasa, back up vocals, e-bow
DJ Suspence on track 3: scratching